Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sadhanandham on Raaja sir

Sadhanamdham (Senior Guitarist in Raja's Musicians Troupe) talks about Raaja sir

I am glad that i have been working with raja for the past 30 years. With any other composer, i would have been playing the same style over and over again. Not the case with Raja. Each day is different for us musicians working under him. So many varieties, so many challenges. For example, 'aagaya vennilavae' sounds like it is set in one thaalam, while it is actually in an another thalam !

There are so many songs, where i have to move from one place to another place (within the studio), running around to play the various string instruments that raja would have included in just one song ! And he sometimes makes me play one instrument, while the effect he wants will be for another instrument ! The prelude in 'thendral vandhu ennai thodum' sounds like a veena, but is a guitar effect ! The percussion like BGM effect while karthik & prabhu bounce over each other was created using vibraphone. Once he asked me to play Xylaphone using my hands. Within minutes after the recording, both my hands/fingers were totally swollen. The first bit in the prelude that you hear in 'indha maan' from karagaatakaaran is a favourite bit i have played using a 12 strings guitar.

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