Wednesday, June 22, 2011

director MAHENDRAN on Raaja sir

MAHENDRAN (Eminent Film Director, India)

I always believed that songs are a major burden to my script. But Indian viewers need songs, and you need to play to their demands. But thank god, i had raja to fall back upon. Instead of obstructing the flow of the film, he ensured that his songs mesh synchronously with the script and in fact go on to add more power to overall punch that my script intended to deliver. Same case with BGMs. I dont believe in creating talkative characters. The characters in my film talk what one can expect a person of that stature to talk. Nothing more, nothing less. When i screened "Mullum Malarum" to my producers, they were shocked and said it was like a silent movie. But later, after raja added his BGMs to it, we were all satisfied and convinced

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