Tuesday, June 21, 2011


BALUMAHENDRA (Eminent Film Director, India)

When i was planning to use raja for my film, i told my decision to G.K.Venkatesh. He immediately replied,"Give him a chance, he will dissolve and digest the entire world with his music." From my first film with raja, till the latest - Adhu Oru Kana Kaalam, all my films have been crowned by his glorious music. We infact have a healthy competition between us. While he tries to overtake my visuals, i try to race ahead of his tunes with my picturisations.

His BGMs totally add a different dimension to my films. All my films have extraordinary background scores by raja. During one of those earlier years , i once asked raja,"what is background music?". Raja put back the question to me. I replied, " Take the rainwater - once it has reached the earth, it takes so many forms - small pools, streams, rivers, falls etc. However, it is not the water that takes the decision about its forms, but the surrounding geography that decides the various forms (like stream, river or falls). So is the case with background music. It should take the form as is natural to the specific mood/atmosphere of the moment at any stage of the film." Raja applauded with loud claps and said," Exactly! That is my perception too!". I immediately knew that we shared the same wavelength.

Only me and raja will be present during the tune creation process. Oh it would be so much fun. Both of us would sing some older songs created by Raja and chat a lot about films and music. After i had a stroke a few years back, i am now unable to sing at all. I feel so sad as any typical raja fan would be, because i am no longer able to sing his golden melodies that are close to my heart !

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