Friday, June 17, 2011

Puru on Raja sir

PURUSHOTHAMAN (Senior Percussionist in Raja's Musicians Troupe)

If i start talking about the umpteen innovations that raja has brought into film music, this show will not be enough. Several people ask senior members like me (in raja's troupe),"Why dont you go and become a music director on your own." Well, we do know that several music directors today have come to the field after working under other senior music directors for couple of years. May be those people thought that they can create better music than the person with whom they were working. But as far as we are concerned, we dont think we will ever be able to give music that is better than what raja can give. So we are content to work as a musician under him, we dont have any other great ambitions.

'En Uyir Nee Thaanae' in Priya was a challenging number for all of our musicians in raja's troupe. The reason was, the tune which raja had composed seemed to run in a different thalam/meter, while the supporting orchestra had to follow a different thalam/meter ! Everyone of us were skeptical about how the end product was going to look like ! Well, knowing raja very well, we musicians just quit worrying about everything else, and just played as per raja's notations, without thinking about the tune that singers were singing. But it all fell into place when we heard the completed product, and the song went on to become such a lovely hit.

As far as BGMs are concerned, 'sigappu rojakkal' was a landmark effort in Indian film music industry. Instead of instrumental BGMs, voice/chorus works were predominantly used to suit the mood of the thriller movie.


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