Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Isai Saraswathi ilaiyaraaja !

Saraswathi raga is | S R2 M2 P D2 S | S N2 D2 P M2 G2 R2 S ...some songs of Raaja in this scale are Veena Vani - Pon Megalai, Karpoora Bommai Ondru - Keladi Kanmani. While the pallavi of karpoora bommai ondru is in saraswathi, the scale changes in charanams to accomodate the happier flashback scenes. Even in Sri Rama Rajyam, he has used this scale, with a very slight touch of Ni3. The songs are Sengu Sakkraala and Idhi Pattabhi Raamuni from Sri Rama Rajyam. The folkish sounding song follows the saraswathi pattern mostly. Gifted to have this isai saraswathi ilaiyaraaja with us !

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