Monday, December 6, 2010


Saw the movie...i felt as if my soul was sent for a overhauling...what a refreshing movie ! How good a thinking director this fellow is....Music was great as always..Any other composer would have spoilt the natural flow of the movie with his sounds. Raja elevates the story telling to a new level ....

Acting - myskin has lived as the character and has not acted. Cant imagine anyone else doing this role now. It was 75% attendance at Padmam (sangam) and only the front 4-5 rows were empty. Some theatre comments were interesting, as listed below

a) Question - who is this actor?? Answer - yaaro myskin'aam !
b) music romba touching'aa irukku'la
c) ilaiyaraaja'vaala dhaan ippadi compose panna mudiyum

the guy next to me was sobbing while the song 'thaalaattu ketka naanum' eyes were wet too...Another one was already humming the end card BGM as he knew it by heart.......i am confident this movie will pick up commercially too.

If you are not watching this in the theatre, you have no rights bragging about good cinema not being made.

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