Sunday, September 13, 2009

the roots of raaja's mastery in swara bedham

In the book Naadha Veliyinilae, IR says..."when i started playing the harmonium, i wouldnt know which is the Sa (aadhara sadjam0). I would take whichever note the song starts with, as the adhara sadjam...Also, though i knew many raga names, i didnt know the actual swaras that made the ragam...i was all a self-taught man at that time...But whatever be the song, by listening just once or twice, i would be able to play it fully on the harmonium..."

I guess this is why raaja today is a scholar is swarabedham / grahabedham. He makes masterly shifts of the adhara shadjam and creates brilliant songs that all still sound as one coherent unit.

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